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Enabling Socioeconomic and Social Mobility Across the Country

At Tricon, we believe housing unlocks life’s potential. That’s why we are dedicated to building a different kind of housing company that focuses on putting residents first. We make dedicated investments to upgrade each of our homes, and when something is broken, we work quickly and are able to make many repairs within 72 hours for the families we serve.

Beyond high quality day-to-day living experiences, we strive to make real differences in the lives of our residents. Research shows that where we live matters: the neighborhood where a child lives can determine whether they graduate from college, build savings, or one day own a home of their own. But the nation’s wealth gap and the high cost of home ownership means that some families are locked out of great neighborhoods.

That’s where Tricon comes in. Watch this video to learn how Tricon is enabling social mobility.

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