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EV chargers available for your garage

Pull-up and Plug-in

Your garage can be outfitted with a rentable Smart Level 2 EV charger.* Go Green and enjoy advanced features such as mobile application control and scheduled off-peak charge times resulting in savings on your electricity bill, and up to 7x faster charge times.†

Smart Mobile App

7X Faster Charging

Over 50% Savings

image of a mother and son charging an electric vehicle

At-home EV charging set up is easy

  • Sign up: Rent a Smart Level 2 EV Charger by selecting the option in your rental application or by reaching out to a Tricon Residential leasing specialist
  • Get installed: A Tricon Residential technician will install the charging station directly into your garage
  • Start charging: Scan the QR code on your charging station and start charging your car


Save over 50% with off-peak smart scheduling††

For example:

  • Peak Hours: $104.17/month
  • Off-Peak Hours: $50.63/month

Contact your leasing agent to get started.


*Offered at select Tricon Residential communities.

†Compared to Level 1 EV charge times.

††Rates dependent on seasonality and usage time-of-day; savings not guaranteed. Sample rates provided for illustration purposes only; rates are not set by Tricon, and are subject to change. OK2Charge is a third-party provider; Tricon does not guarantee or provide assurance of any aspect of OK2Charge’s businesses or their products, services, or practices.