Reshma Block is responsible for providing IT leadership and setting strategic direction for Tricon Residential. Reshma is accountable for introducing new innovative technologies that improve the resident experience and advance the enterprise’s operating efficiencies. She also leads all data integration advancements and is responsible for the firm’s IT governance and compliance processes.

With a proven track record as a technology expert, business-savvy consultant and board chair, Reshma brings more than 25 years of strategic technology experience to Tricon. Prior to joining Tricon, Reshma was the Founder and Principal of Compass Consulting, a woman-led boutique management & technology consulting firm focusing on strategic and business planning, digital transformation and customer experience. Reshma began her career at Intel where she founded and led the development of a new technology data ecosystem and helped drive strategic roadmaps for Intel’s major IT partners. Subsequently, Reshma served as Chief Operating Officer of My Life Compass and as Chief Information Technology Officer of BioNovix. She serves on the Board of Directors and Audit Committee for Hoag Hospital, Board of Directors for Charitable Ventures, and formerly on the Board of Governors for the Orange County Community Foundation.

Reshma has a Master of Business Administration degree from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from California State Polytechnic University. She graduated from both universities with distinction.