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Tricon Residential Vendor Guidelines

  • An authorized Tricon Residential Purchase Order (PO/WO) is required before any work can begin. This will be issued by your maintenance contact
  • All Tricon Residential PO/WO are specific to the vendor, the project and the approved dollar amount. A new Tricon Residential PO/WO is required should any details of the noted items change
  • Before and after photos of the assigned work are required and should be emailed to your maintenance contact
    • If your maintenance contact makes an exception to this rule, s/he is required to visit the job site and visually confirm that the work has been completed
  • All invoices must be emailed to and your maintenance contact
    • Invoices should not be submitted until your maintenance contact has deemed the work complete
  • All payments will be sent within 30 days of the approved invoice date
    • In order to be approved, invoices must contain all requirements set forth by Tricon Residential
  • All communication regarding outstanding invoices and AR Reports – 30 days or longer from date of invoice, should be sent to
    • PO/WO, invoice number, and property service address are required
    • All AR reports are required to be in Excel format
  • All work must be completed and invoiced within 90 days, unless previously agreed upon by both the Tricon Residential Accounting Department and Tricon Residential maintenance contact
  • Please allow five to seven business days for the Tricon Residential Accounting Department to review and respond to any inquires

For questions specifically regarding work, please contact your Tricon Residential maintenance contact.
For billing questions, please email

For all vendors interested in joining Tricon Residential’s vendor program, please complete this form.