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When people are searching for the perfect place to call home these days, they’re looking for more than just a house. They’re looking for an experience.

They want something modern. They want something convenient. They want something that makes their lives easier, safer and more comfortable.

In a word, they want something “smarter.”

When you move-into your Tricon Residential home, you are automatically enrolled in the Smart Home program, which allows residents to have keyless front door entry, thermostat control, leak detection and more – along with the ability to access all those features from the comforts of your phone, tablet or computer.

Tricon’s Smart Home technology includes:

Keyless Front Door Entry

You’ll never get locked out again! Our keyless front door entry brings you more peace of mind while also bringing added flexibility to your daily routine. You can rest assured knowing that your front door is securely locked and accessible by only you and your family when you need it to be, but also easily accessible to others when the occasion arises. With our keyless front door entry system, you can unlock your door for service calls, or to let the dog walker in, or to welcome out-of-town guests to your home without having to be physically present to do so.

Front Door Sensor

With our front door sensors, you can rest easy knowing that you will always be alerted when your front door has been opened or closed. Have a toddler who likes to wander? Waiting for someone to come home from work? Our front door sensors will automatically let you know about important movements in and out.

Thermostat Control

An important part of creating a comfy atmosphere at home is being able to set the thermostat to just the right temperature no matter what’s going on outside. With our special thermostat control, you’re able to adjust your thermostat or automate temperature settings for peak efficiencies, which could reduce your energy costs!

Leak Detection Sensors

Sometimes, accidents do happen. But in a Tricon Residential home, you can have greater peace of mind knowing that we install leak detection sensors. If there’s ever a leak, you’ll be alerted, saving time – and potential headaches – in the process.

Residents can control all their Smart Home features from Tricon’s secure and private online resident portal, using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Being able to control these features with the simple push of a button means that you can ensure your home will be safe and comfortable no matter where you are or no matter the time of day.

And did we mention that residents who allow the smart home system to communicate over their own personal Wi-Fi will receive one month of Smart Home services free? It’s a win-win!

A smart home that gives you convenience, control, peace of mind and saves you money, time and effort. That’s what you can expect from Tricon Residential.